The Power of Dragons

A wicked liche seeks to surround himself with draconic might

D d4th  lich by udon crew

Dirk, Paelias, Sealmin, and Odrik stiffened at the sound of footsteps coming from the stairway behind them. A cloaked figure swirled into view. “Very well done, my friends,” it said, clapping slowly. Its voice was like a mournful sigh bourne on a cold wind. “I’m impressed. You’ve penetrated the meager defenses of this tower easily, as I knew you would.” It stopped and raised its arms. “Now, bear witness to the power you seek to oppose. Come forth, my dark legions!”

With a terrible groan, the building began to shake. The heroes covered their heads as pieces of masonry rained down all around them. “This doesn’t look good,” growled Paelias, notching an arrow to his bow. “Look.”

Deep within the rift, a quickly-growing blackness coalesced, crackling with purple lightning. With a flash, dark shapes began to appear around the adventurers: horrible, monstrous amalgamations of teeth, claws, bones, fangs, rotting flesh, soulless eyes, and arbitrary malice. Odrik gripped his hammer as the heroes formed a tight circle. He could feel the sting of Sealmin’s sweat and could almost hear a sense of dark fear clawing its way into Dirk.

The cloaked figure stepped lightly forward and threw off its hood to reveal a gleaming skull framed by glowing red eyes. Its dessicated lips cracked apart in sinister simulation of a smile. “Well, heroes?”

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The Power of Dragons

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