Lords of a Forgotten Realm

It began with a stone…

Ogre lords entrance

The goblin leader had nowhere left to run. Surrounded by the bodies of his fallen comrades and their ill-fated hounds, he fell to his knees. “Mercy!” he cried. “I beg you, have mercy!” “Ha!” laughed Telvenier, lunging forward and impaling the goblin on his rapier. “Mercy! That’s a good one. Ha ha!” As Telvenier bent to loot the fallen corpse, Saleous interjected. “That wasn’t necessary, you know. We could have taken him prisoner. He didn’t have to die.” Saleous clutched his holy symbol fitfully. “Relax, man,” Telvenier replied, without turning around. “He was evil, right? You don’t like evil, do you?”

Saleous sighed. It was always this way. He was beginning to think better of coming on this journey. He turned to appeal to the others, but Murdoch was fiddling with his jars and vials, ranting to some unseen companion, and Caravir was gazing upon the scene impassively. As always, Saleous thought darkly.

“Can we move on, please?” he said, trying not to sound too mournful. “Yes,” Caravir said suddenly. “I’ve had just about enough of your thieving stupidity for now.” “All right, all right,” Telvenier groaned, turning from the body. His head snapped up. “What’s down this way?!” Telvenier ran further down the cave, his gigantic lantern swinging crazily next to his 3-foot-tall body. “Fool,” Caravir snorted. Eyes pleading, Saleous turned to her. “Can’t you put a spell on him or something?”

Ten minutes later, the group found themselves in front of an exquisitely sculpted stone door, engraved with strange symbols that Caravir had never seen before. They had tried breaking it, blasting it, unlocking it, burning it——everything. Murdoch had even used his most powerful explosives. Nothing had worked. “All this way for nothing,” Caravir spat, shaking her long elven hair. “Not so, my lady!” Telvenier leaped up, grinning. “Those symbols on the door match the one on this rock I found. See?”

“Where did you get that?!” yelped Saleous. “Why didn’t you tell us before?” Telvenier blinked. “Eh, I figured it wasn’t that important,” he replied, already turning away. “Anyway——behold!!!”

As Telvenier held the rock up, he felt it grow warm in his hand. Slowly and noiselessly, the great door split and swung open, revealing a dank blackness and what seemed like impenetrable silence. “See? I’m the best! You shouldn’t have doubted me!” Without looking back at the others, Telvenier grabbed his lantern and ran into the beckoning darkness…

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Lords of a Forgotten Realm

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