A possibly insane alchemist


Male Human | 27 years old | 6’5 | 200 lbs. | Alchemist | Chaotic Neutral

He wears a large coat with vials and materials hanging off it. He always wears darkened goggles except when he needs to see in the dark.

1) Discover the reason for the deaths of most of the night guard back when he worked at Fort Perrol. His progress has been hindered by the hatred that people serving at the fort still have for him. He would have to sneak in and look for clues which might no longer be there.
—Possible lead on goal: Find the other man who survived the night watch to see if he knows what happened. Unfortunately, he went insane and escaped the mental institution long before Murdoch did. He could be anywhere, even off of Nenta. He could even be dead, nobody really knows. Murdoch could recognize him easily due to the three scars on the left side of his face that he received once when he was struck by a pitchfork in a raid on the fort. Murdoch has no idea what the guy’s name was though.

2) Discover the identity of the Count Cornelio impersenator.


His parents sent him to a special care facility when he was very young. When he turned 18, he was released and joined the military and was stationed at Fort Perrol. An expert technician of explosives, he was known to have a slightly neurotic personality. Nobody was ever sure if it was real or if he was just acting neurotic for the fun of it. One night, 10 of the 12 men on the night watch were killed and the armory in the fort was raided. Murdoch and the other man were accused of conspiring with the perpetrators. Both were sent to the isle of fate where they were put in a mental institution. Murdoch fit in rather well there and made a few friends. The other man slowly became insane and eventually ran away from the isle when he got the chance. At age 24, Murdoch did the same, just in a more…explosive way. He used his knowledge of alchemy to rig a very unstable bomb and blasted his way out of the institution. Nobody made an attempt to chase him as they all assumed he would be dead before he even hit land. Besides, if he managed to hit land, nobody figured he would live more than a month beyond that since some people are very intolerant of his rather unique personality. Murdoch went and outlasted their expectations, traveling to Jeth where he met Telvenier. Telvenier attempted to arrest him, but they instead became partners after a series of odd events. They worked together to tax people and to take the tax money and donate it to the poor. Due to Telvenier’s more normal personality, Murdoch is often seen as his sidekick, a funny thing to think about considering Murdoch is twice as tall as Telvenier.


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