Life is a Tiefling mercenary how has spent the majority of his life in the Vale area. His current adventure has taken him from his home and put him on the trail of his lost son and plunged him into the depths of hell.

Male Tiefling Age: 28 Height:5’8" Weight: 165 Fighter
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Life cannot remember his parents. He was told that they were killed in a riot shortly after he war born. He grew up on the streets of Vale raised by thieves and robbers. Being on his own from a young age he learned that if you wanted something you should simply take it. He also learned that if someone is being helpful it is mostly because they want something from you, and what ever that it is it will cost you, a lot. He has come to believe that if someone is incapable of holding on to something than they don’t own it in the first place. Life also learned that it is impossible to trust no one. If you live your life trusting no one then you spend it looking over your shoulder and you cannot see the dangers in front of you. This certainly does not mean that Life trusts everyone; in fact there are very few people he does trust. Although he is more willing to trust non-humans, and will almost instantly trust another tiefling, just because.

Life’s life has not been an easy one, or good one for that matter. For the first fifteen years he lived the tiefling stereotype. He has done things he is not particularly proud of. Contract killing, beatings, extortion, and the likes. When he was sixteen Life was arrested during an unsuccessful burglary. He was incapacitated, beaten, and thrown into prison. After two weeks in a dark cell his crimes were paid for by a business man he saw his arrest and saw potential in him. The next day Life began training as a body guard.

Life resolved to change his ways a became more disciplined. He began working for the man, Leeman, who arranged for his release from prison for six years as his personal bodyguard. Then one day Leeman said “Son you have learned well. Your services are no longer needed.” Leeman paid him and each when their own way. For the next Five years Life took various bodyguard style jobs, the occasional bounty, he even worked as the muscle for a theft with is old team. Although his favorite job is either escorting a person to another city, or rescuing a hostage or kidnap victim. Life is only interest in serious clients, ones that are willing to overlook the fact he is a tiefling. Since Life is so selective in his clients he either sends them through an elaborate process to find him, or he is hired through a proxy, usually this is done by the crew he pulls heists with or Leeman. All of his advertising is word of mouth, greatly helped by Leeman, although Life does not know this. He keeps a very loose relationship with the fighters guild every now and then they send him a job that does not pay.

Life may or may not have a child. It is quite possible given his past. Should he have a child out there somewhere he would stop at nothing to be there for it. At this time Life is not in a relationship, in the past though he has had a number of both boyfriends and girlfriends. He keeps a healthy relationship with his old friends that work for the thieves guild. Currently he is closest to his rottweiler Sirus, named after the man he killed. Life usually brings Sirus on jobs, unless the principle forbids it. Life also maintains three horses and a carriage in the event that he must either travel or transport a principle. While he is a bodyguard by trade he is quite and accomplished cook, and enjoys cooking when he is not working. He has always had a taste for adventure and enjoys learning history of all kinds.

Life’s Code:

1.Never kill for money no matter the circumstances.
2.Never Steal from the poor.
3.Attack only those who can defend themselves.
4.Defend Yourself.
5.Give to the poor.
6.Remember your past.
7.All Stories have two sides, hear them both.
8.Stay loyal to your friends.
9.Help those in need.
10.Finish what you start no matter where it leads.
11.The principles safety is most important.
12.If the cause is noble do the job for free.
14.Give those that have wronged you a second chance,
15.and a third, then you can kill them.
16.Seek Forgiveness from those you wrong.
17.Don’t be evil.


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