Anthros Campaign Setting

Session 8

A Battle of Wits...

The heroes turned in for the night, but did not sleep for long before they were awoken by an evil harpy that threatened them and then flew off after being attacked. The party then went back to sleep and got a full rest. After waking up, the party decided to head back to the staircase to go up to the top floor. When they left the torture chamber, the heroes encountered many skeleton enemies. The skeletons gave chase and forced the heroes to quickly retreat to the balcony in the room they had slept. Lenna, who had run immediately after seeing the enemies, tied a rope in the room, then jumped off the balcony, slowfalling over the outer wall of the compound. Caravir flew up and away from the danger. Murdoch had not had time to make an extract, so he and Sedridor used the rope, to quickly slide down four stories to the ground. They made it most of the way before the rope was cut. Fortunately, they survived the short fall. From there, the two ran to the outer wall and Sedridor defended Murdoch as he prepared an extract.

Meanwhile, Caravir flew to the top floor, noticing a strange orb in the middle of the room amongst several enemies. She tried to attack the orb, failing to damage it, but killing the enemies in the process. As she went to investigate, she suddenly had visions of her party reunited around the orb. Just then, she heard enemies coming from floors below. She locked the trapdoor and fled to the roof by climbing up a rope.

Meanwhile, Lenna had safely made it over the outer wall, but was quickly spotted by guards who gave chase. She fled quickly into the darkness, hoping that they would not follow her.

As Murdoch finished his potion, Sedridor was cleaving enemies left and right. Murdoch helped him clean up the few remaining enemies before drinking the extract allowing the two to levitate over the wall and down the other side. From there, they decided to look for Lenna. Sedridor was able to pick out her tracks and they followed the tracks straight to Lenna. Upon meeting up with Lenna, the three noticed that Caravir was not among them. They then heard a loud scream and saw a harpy falling from the roof of the tall tower. Unbeknownst to the three, Caravir had just slain it. The three broke back into the compound and made their way up to the top of the tower.

At the top of the tower, Caravir met the other three by the orb. Lenna reached out to touch the orb and was sucked into it. Sedridor tried to pull her out, but was unable to. Murdoch reached into the orb as well and it began to suck him in. Soon, all four of the heroes were dragged into the orb and transported back to the other spire where Il’Curiarth awaited them. They climbed to the top of the tower and waited for him to appear. After a short wait, Il’Curiarth came before the party and challenged them to a battle of wits. The party emerged victorious. As a reward, Il’Curiarth took out his own mind and presented it to the party. He then explained that they must seek the relics of the two other lords who were depicted in the other two statues. The party had to make two more stops before they could visit the tomb proper in the tomb of the ogre lords. With a wave of his hand, he sent the party back to the room where they had first entered the mirror. The party went back to the fountain room to rest and recuperate from what they had just been through.

Scribed by RunningInSquares



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