Anthros Campaign Setting

PoD: Chapter 9

The Harkenwood Elves

The party found themselves traveling to the Harken Forest to enlist the help of elves in the matter. They found it difficult to enter the city, but Sealmin was able to earn them enough favor to enter. While in the town, Odrik and Dirk split off from the party to drink and find information (though being a dwarf and a human in an all elven settlement made it difficult). Sealmin took the time to study in the library and Paelias went to gather information in a more constructive way than Odrik and Dirk. After one day of research, Sealmin learned of Argenon’s heritage and hometown. After the second day, Sealmin learned of Argenon’s family and his death. He also learned a little bit about Gardmore, Orcish Wars, and the Rule of the Septarchs.

After returning to Fallcrest, the party met with Nimozaran. He seemed more sickly and pale as well as tired. Argenon’s death aura had been growing stronger and had been adversely affecting Nimozaran. He told the party that they might want to look into Gardmore Abbey to see what answers were held within.

In the town, the party learned that the horses had mysteriously returned, bearing ghoul rot (though nobody noticed it was the horses at the time). The disease spread quickly, killing several people each week. The townspeople were too occupied though with fending off kobold attacks that had become more frequent as of late.



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