Anthros Campaign Setting

PoD: Chapter 13

Nebin's Plan

The party was contracted once again by Nebin to get another weapon from the forge level. He helped the party enter and they were on their own once again. As they made their way through the forge, they came upon a room with several gargoyle statues. Suddenly, one of them attacked, catching the party by surprise. Having trouble damaging it, the party resorted to more unorthodox methods. Maul, the killoren, turned into a tree, squishing the gargoyle and Odrik along with it, nearly killing Odrik. The gargoyle survived the attack, but not holy the holy water Paelias threw at it. After healing, the party ventured further. They soon came upon a gibbering mouther. Maul transformed into a velociraptor and helped the party attack. The mouther began to devour Maul, eventually succeeding. Once fully inside the mouther, Maul transformed into a tree once again, causing the mouther to explode into many tiny pieces. The room was covered with chunks of flesh and splattered with blood. The party eventually found the weapon they sought and made their way back to Nebin, who was very happy for its return. He allowed them the use of his ring of Chameleon Power. The party was then left wondering what to do once again.



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