Anthros Campaign Setting

PoD: Chapter 12


The three members of the party found few friends in Hammerfast as two members of the party were elves. In one bar though, the party met a strange man named Nebin. He told them that he needed their help to go underground to get a wand that had been stolen from his father. Knowing the forge level was heavily guarded, Nebin used his spells of invisibility to get the three inside. They went inside and retrieved the wand with little difficulty. On their way out, Nebin distracted the guards, allowing the party time to escape.

Meanwhile, Odrik found that he had done all he could at Fallcrest. Most of the town was dead or dying already, so he was forced to leave. As he made his way to Hammerfast, he was stalked by a strange killoren. Upon arriving in Hammerfast, Odrik met up with the party, confused at the lack of leads. With Nimozaran missing, the party had no idea what to do. Just then, Altare noticed a strange figure he had seen earlier and gave chase, quickly losing the party. As he ran through the streets, he dropped Nimozaran’s hand. The strange killoren quickly snatched it up, losing sight of Altare. He decided to return the hand to the party since they would be easier to find than that tricky monk.

Altare eventually caught up with the strange man and followed him through a normal seeming building. At the bottom, Altare was surprised to discover that it was secretly a base for the demonic cult he had been pursuing. The members tried to catch him, but he attempted to escape, making it back up several floors before eventually being captured and dragged onto the altar in the basement. As punishment for killing one of the members of the cult, Altare was sacrificed. The party searched for him for hours, but was unable to find him. The killoren caught up with the party after several hours and quickly earned their trust after presenting them with Nimozaran’s hand.



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