Anthros Campaign Setting

PoD: Chapter 11

Nimozaran’s Tower

The party returned to Fallcrest and rested at Dirk’s house which had been further vandalized in their absence. The disease still plagued the town. The following morning, the party was approached by a young monk who called himself Altare. The party was not sure what he could offer, but they agreed to allow him to join them once he mentioned Dirk. The party decided to make their way to Nimozaran’s tower to meet with him. On their way, the party was met by the brother of the guard Dirk had looted after the kobold attack. He and his men attacked the party. Altare showed off his fighting skills to the group, helping them to beat up the guards and take the brother prisoner so that he would call of his guards. The party retreated from that fight to Nimozaran’s tower. Upon entering, the party sensed something was wrong. They noticed blood on the stairs and went to investigate, leaving the tied up body of the brother wondering where they had gone. As the party made their way up to the top level, they found more blood and a strange room halfway up. They continued to climb the stairs until they reached to top and were attacked by a strange creature they had never seen before. Nimozaran was nowhere to be seen, other than his severed hand. The party tried to engage the beast, but it was far too powerful. The party retreated back down the stairs, stopping at the strange room along the way. As they looked inside, a mouth appeared on the far wall of the room, saying “Hammerfast” before disappearing. The party retrieved the body of the brother from the bottom of the tower and untied him, telling him to run. As they ran to the mayor’s mansion, the top of Nimozaran’s tower exploded in a great fireball, sending debris everywhere.

In the aftermath of the strange attack, the party tried to figure out what had happened. They could only determine that they needed to visit Hammerfast to figure out what was going on. Odrik could not leave the town though as he had to attend to the sick and wounded in Fallcrest. The other three members of the party set off to Hammerfast in his absence.



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