Anthros Campaign Setting

PoD: Chapter 1

Clearing out the Kobolds

Sealmin, Paelias, Odrik, and Dirk never planned to meet in Fallcrest. It just happened that way, it was almost like destiny. The four found themselves in the same bar, socializing with people when they decided that they could form an adventuring party to earn some money. Each man brought a unique skill set to the table to aid the party. Sealmin, an accomplished wizard, was able to cast powerful spells to keep enemies at bay. Paelias, a cunning ranger, was able to use his knowledge of nature and his keen tracking ability to stalk and stealthily kill his enemies. Odrik, a valiant paladin, was able to strike at enemies with powerful blows while supporting the party with his ability to heal. Dirk, a stalwart fighter, was able to absorb most of the damage from enemies while hacking away at them with his sword.

The four adventurers immediately hit it off and decided to go into business together. The party then went to search for ways in which they could apply their skills to earn money. They were contracted by Lord Warden to clear the Kobold Hall. He had been annoyed with kobold raids of late and wanted the party to help end them. The party was also contacted by Teldorthan Goldcap, dwarven armorer who was looking for a cured green dragon hide. He told the party that he believed the hide was inside the hall. With that, the party set off towards Kobold Hall.

As the party made their way through the hall, they began to learn the fighting styles of their comrades. They also learned of some other unfortunate quirks. Dirk had an insatiable curiosity about him that seemed to cause him to compulsively open every crypt the party passed. Once, there was something good in the crypt, but for the most part there was either nothing or a dangerous enemy lurking within.

Fortunately, the party made it through the hall alive and discovered that the dragon hide had been taken by the undead. With that information and the hall cleared, the party headed back to Fallcrest to collect their rewards and rest. They were contacted by Nimozaran the Green who had a long talk with the party about undead and the lich.



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