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So, it’s official: I’ve decided to unify all of my Pathfinder games into one overarching campaign setting. This site is still under construction; bear with me as I try to navigate the labyrinthine tunnels of the wiki I’ve (so far) haphazardly created.

For information pertaining to all campaigns, click the “wiki” tab above. For campaign-specific information, click one of the links below:

Recent updates

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The Power of Dragons

The Crimson Hand

Lords of a Forgotten Realm

Using the tabs above:

Home is where you are now.

Adventure log currently has only Lords of a Forgotten Realm sessions.

Wiki includes information relevant to all campaigns.

Characters includes characters from all campaigns. Use the “Characters” link from each campaign’s main page to see only characters from that campaign.

Forums have never been used and are quite dusty!

Maps has only 1 map, unfortunately! Still working on that.

Comments: please leave me one if you like!

Anthros Campaign Setting

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