Nenton the Bold

Nenton the Bold was a human warrior and champion of Dolon. He fled his home country of Vale in order to escape the oppressive theocratic rule of the Exar kingdom. He is famous for leading a group of pilgrims to the new continent of Nenta (named after one of his ancestors) and establishing a civilized society there. He founded the Order of Nenton, built Gardmore Abbey, and created the Calendar of Nenton.

Nenton the Bold

This statue, depicting Nenton’s Last Stand, stands in the center of Perrol Town Square


Nenton set out with 100 ships and nearly 3000 followers. The pilgrims sailed to the East for many months until finally sighting the continent of Nenta and its surrounding islands. Many brave pilgrims landed on the first bits of land they saw (part of what later became known as the Draconian Isles) and were lost in those hellish caverns. These losses combined with the losses sustained during the journey reduced the pilgrims’ numbers to 2000, and the “caravan fleet” to 67 ships.

The pilgrims landed on Nenta’s Eastern seaboard, first establishing Perrol, then Maystone, and continuing down as far as Larn. Over time the colonists expanded their reach across the Nentir Vale, but were prevented from southern expansion by hordes of feral native creatures known as Orgges.

Initial skirmishes and Orcish Crusades

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Nenton the Bold

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