Experience Awards


This is copied and pasted from someone else’s campaign (and also a different system than Pathfinder D&D) so it’s rather rough at the moment. However, this is essentially the structure that we will be using: rewards for great descriptions, fulfilling character/party goals, and good roleplaying, as well as general prowess and wit.

Clarification and changes coming soon!!!

Players can earn experience through a variety of ways, both in-game and out-of-game.

14 Experience Points are required in order to earn a new level.


  • Three (3) experience points will be awarded per character per session just for that player showing up.
  • Three (3) experience points will be awarded each time a player successfully achieves a personal character goal. NOTE: All Goals are subject to GM approval, to prevent abuse of this award. For example, Larry’s character Garius might decide that his goal is to find and destroy the goblin war tribe who killed his parents. He may not, however, decide that his goal is to “strike one of the goblin warlord’s minions with his sword” in order to gain more awards. A player may have several Goals active at one time, depending upon type, scope, and story suitability. It is permissible for several characters to have the same or similar Goals (after all, you are a Party), but players are encouraged to think of personal goals to further character development.
  • Five (5) experience points will be awarded to each player at key story points in the main campaign, as decided by the GM.


  • Two (2) experience points will be awarded to each player who completes a character background.
  • Two (2) experience points will be awarded to each player who provides a character portrait on this website. This portrait may be an original creation, or a picture found from elsewhere (commissioned work, official artwork, or just an image that grabbed your fancy). Deviantart and free gaming PDFs are a great place to look. Also check out Wizard’s sample character portraits !
  • One (1) experience point will be awarded per journal entry on this website. This entry may be in the form of either In-Character or Out-of-Character perspective and must be at least 100 words long. This entries will be the record of the game’s progression, so Players are heavily encouraged to keep this up-to-date as the GM will only be adding the bare minimum to this website beyond the wiki and NPC entries. Players are also encouraged to think of ways to “split up” the writing; perhaps one person writes the literal transcription of events and others type them up through their characters’ eyes.

See Experience Totals to track your character’s progress.

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Experience Awards

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