Dolon, also known as the Light-Bringer, is the god of Honor, Justice, and Truth. In life, he was a devout cleric of Pelor who was rewarded with divine ascension. He is worshipped by many humans in the Nentir Vale and elsewhere in Nenta. He was the patron god for the champion Nenton the Bold.

Dolon is the twin brother of Daimon, the Light-Hearted.

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Dolon teaches that every living being has a right to divine Truth, and his followers are expected to bring Light to all the dark places of the world (i.e. anywhere in which he does not have established followers). Dolon emphasizes self-respect, honor, trust, and generosity. His church teaches that action is more powerful than words and that intent is not separate from consequence; his followers undergo strict regimens designed to purge the body and mind of evil and unify thought and action. Followers of Dolon are prohibited from drinking alcohol or using other mind- or body-altering substances. They must also keep themselves in excellent physical and mental condition at all times.

Should any of his followers fall from grace, they must seek atonement through intense ritual purification involving mental tests, physical feats, and dedication to the Light. If, after one year, an ex-follower has proven himself worthy, he will be accepted into Dolon’s favor once again. Should a follower fall twice, however, he is forever shunned by the Church of Dolon and its followers and is deemed unfit for the Light of Truth.

Although he prizes lawful conduct above all else, Dolon allows his followers to associate with less scrupulous mortals, provided that such a relationship is in the service of the greater good (for example, the formation of the Order of Nenton.


Dolon’s worshipers are mostly human, with some dwarves and halflings. Members of other races generally see Dolon as too dogmatic and militant, or useful only for those who need external discipline to guide them.

Relationship with brother

Dolon and Daimon are twin brothers, and their relationship is legendary. ,,,,,,,,


  • Favored Class: Champion, Fighter, Cleric
  • Favored Weapon: Longsword
  • Domains: Community, Glory, Good, Light, Protection, Nobility
  • Key teachings: Honor, Justice, Truth, Glory, Goodness
  • Home Plane:
  • Notable devotees: Nenton the Bold

Clerics and champions of Dolon tend to be adventuring clerics or mighty warriors. They stand strong in the face of evil and injustice and never surrender.

Allies and Enemies

Dolon counts Pelor and Sarenrae among his allies. Although he often criticizes Daimon’s dedication and principles, the two generally agree upon the ideals of Goodness, if not the execution.

Dolon takes a dim view of Dagon and Prospero, since he believes that ambiguity is a sign of weakness. He is fiercely opposed to the idea that one being can rule another, and resents Prospero’s frequent and seemingly spontaneous edicts.

Dolon’s zealotry has not made him many friends among the immortals. He is outspoken among the gods, along with Zon-Kuthon, in claiming that Anthros is dead and that Prospero is nothing but a power-hungry usurper.

Dolon is a sworn enemy of both Krathak, Zon-Kuthon, and Andor, as well as (The Midnight Lady)

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