Dagon is lord of the shadow-realm of Er. Known variously as the Spectral Guide, the Ethereal Lord, and the All-Knowing One, Dagon leads the souls of the dead to their next destination, wherever that may be.


An artist’s rendition of the Ethereal Lord


Dagon does not appear to mortals, so those that relate his tenets have likely spent many years of study alongside scholars, magicians, or clergy; or, in much rarer cases, a lifetime of speaking with the dead. Priests of Dagon teach that one should revel in the mystery of existence and always seek to penetrate the illusions of sanity, selfhood, and the physical world. To Dagon’s priests, death and life are two sacred parts of one whole; death should be feared not as an end but as a welcome transition. They caution, however, that death should not be hastened towards or treated as a means to gain supernatural or magical power; it is simply an opportunity for parallax.

Scholars and priests of Dagon are quick to point out that he neither condones nor discourages the use of necromantic and auramantic power, although there is a general consensus that the more powerful and “unnatural” of these magicks are to be avoided.


Dagon does not have many followers among mortals for several reasons. First, many do not know of him, and those that do often place Dagon alongside Bahamut and Tiamut as simple myth. Furthermore, Dagon grants power only to practitioners of magic, and only those that stand out for their wisdom and curiosity; to others, he functions only as an idol.

For this reason, many mortals choose instead to worship Boccob, who is a servant of Dagon. Many ambitious devotees of Boccob secretly hope to someday be granted the privilege of an invitation into Dagon’s fold.


  • Favored Class: Wizard, Sorceror, Cleric
  • Favored Weapon: none
  • Domains: Darkness, Death, Knowledge, Liberation, Repose, Travel, Magic
  • Key teachings: darkness, mystery, illusion, wisdom, knowledge, peace, questions, foresight
  • Home Plane: Er
  • Servants: Boccob

Allies and Enemies

Dagon’s followers claim that he knows the Fate of every single creature in the universe. Since he also knows the motivation behind every action, Dagon does not judge. He treats every mortal and immortal with the same respect and reverence. For this reason, he is a friend to all gods.

Some of the more zealous (and foolish) gods belittle the fact that Dagon does not pick sides, but there does not exist a god in the universe that has not sought his counsel at some time or another.

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