Andor, also known as the Lord of the Missing or Vengeful Protector, is the god of Retribution. He is the keeper and protector of those who have been orphaned, abused, or otherwise victimized, and is the patron god of those who seek vengeance for past wrongs.


Andor is often pictured as mourning a premature death


It is said that Andor was a once a Champion of Pelor, or perhaps Pelor’s wife Sarenrae. He was valorous in battle, but it was obvious to all who knew him that his nature was one of intellect and compassion, rather than violence. As a Champion of Pelor, however, it was Andor’s duty to drive back the forces of darkness, and he did so willingly and well. One day, it is said, Andor’s best friend Cadmus, who was young to the ways of war, but eager, accompanied Andor in battle against a terrible race of dark creatures known only as the Fell. The two made a magnificent team, one protecting and the other thrusting, one thrusting with the other protecting. As the tide of the battle turned in their favor, Andor saw a weakness in the enemy flanks, and, forgetting Cadmus, lunged forward to rout the enemy. Without Andor’s strong sword to protect him, Cadmus was quickly surrounded; before Andor could return to his side, Cadmus had been slain.

Horrified, and unable to consider what would happen to Cadmus’ wife and newborn child, Andor slew the rest of the creatures in a surge of strength; then, leaving his men to continue the fight, he carried Cadmus’s corpse over rocky mountains for days, towards the nearest Church of Pelor. After a hushed consultation, the clerics of the Church informed Andor that Pelor, God of Life, had refused to retrieve Cadmus’ soul, thereby making his young and untimely death permanent. Enraged, Andor then drew his great black sword and swore blasphemous curses against the Lord of Divinity. As he left the Church, Cadmus’ corpse over his shoulder, Andor felt his divine powers ebbing away; the brilliant internal light that had been his constant compantion was now receding. Never again would he be called Champion of Pelor.

They say, then, that Andor then took Cadmus to the last person he would have wished: an aged, bent shaman who lived far from society, and dabbled in dark magics. The man charged a heavy fee but promised life for Cadmus; Andor readily agreed. Imagine, then, his horror when, after several hours of eldritch chanting, Andor saw Cadmus rise shakily to his feet, stinking of rot. Andor called to him, but Cadmus neither spake nor rose his eyes; he only stood, swaying slightly. When Andor reached out to him, the figure lurched, retching vile blood. As the old man, cackling, held out his hand for payment, Andor drew once again his black blade, for what he hoped would be the last time. With swift strokes, he cut down both the wicked shaman and the horrid thing which was once his blood brother.

Staring down at the carnage, Andor suddenly realized that Cadmus’ death, and the death of the old man, could both have been avoided if only he had been stronger, or faster, or not so foolish. It was then that Andor swore a vow to himself: as long as he was alive, he would work to protect those who could not protect themselves. Those who harmed others, either directly or indirectly, or used them without care for their lives or wellbeing——as Pelor had used and discarded Cadmus——would be punished.

If death was to be final for Cadmus, so it would be final for those worthy of punishment. Andor would be the vessel of that punishment, carrying it to those who had committed crimes against other humans. Sheathing his blade, Andor picked his way back to town. If fulfillment of his oath required him to achieve immortality, then so be it.

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Followers are forbidden from seeking resurrection for their loved ones, either from the Church of Andor or from other Churches. Andor believes that


Andor is worshipped by those who


  • Favored Class: Champion, Fighter, Ranger, Assassin
  • Favored Weapon: Greatsword
  • Domains: Darkness, Harm, Healing, Law, Madness, Protection, Strength
  • Key teachings: rage, shame, grief, loss, retribution, protection, strength, health, loyalty
  • Home Plane:
  • Servants:
  • Notable devotees:

Allies and Enemies

The enmity between between Andor and Dolon is legendary. Many times, violence between the two has been avoided only through Prospero’s intervention. Andor describes Dolon as a product of exactly the kind of manipulation and zealous incaution that he protects against.

Andor is a sworn enemy of Zon-Kuthon and Krathak, both of whom pursue violence as an end in itself, not as a means to eventual peace.

In any case, Andor’s philosophy does not garner many friends within the Hall of the Immortals. He considers Daimon a reliable, if odd, ally; both, after all, advocate nonviolence, albeit in different ways. Pelor remains friendly to him, though Andor does not return the favor. There are some who say that Andor seeks one day to gut Pelor upon his black sword, finally avenging the death of his friend Cadmus…

Game Rule information

Clerics of Andor may never cast Raise Dead, Resurrection, or True Resurrection, or seek resurrection for fallen companions through other churches.

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