Anthros Campaign Setting

PoD: Chapter 13
Nebin's Plan

The party was contracted once again by Nebin to get another weapon from the forge level. He helped the party enter and they were on their own once again. As they made their way through the forge, they came upon a room with several gargoyle statues. Suddenly, one of them attacked, catching the party by surprise. Having trouble damaging it, the party resorted to more unorthodox methods. Maul, the killoren, turned into a tree, squishing the gargoyle and Odrik along with it, nearly killing Odrik. The gargoyle survived the attack, but not holy the holy water Paelias threw at it. After healing, the party ventured further. They soon came upon a gibbering mouther. Maul transformed into a velociraptor and helped the party attack. The mouther began to devour Maul, eventually succeeding. Once fully inside the mouther, Maul transformed into a tree once again, causing the mouther to explode into many tiny pieces. The room was covered with chunks of flesh and splattered with blood. The party eventually found the weapon they sought and made their way back to Nebin, who was very happy for its return. He allowed them the use of his ring of Chameleon Power. The party was then left wondering what to do once again.

PoD: Chapter 12

The three members of the party found few friends in Hammerfast as two members of the party were elves. In one bar though, the party met a strange man named Nebin. He told them that he needed their help to go underground to get a wand that had been stolen from his father. Knowing the forge level was heavily guarded, Nebin used his spells of invisibility to get the three inside. They went inside and retrieved the wand with little difficulty. On their way out, Nebin distracted the guards, allowing the party time to escape.

Meanwhile, Odrik found that he had done all he could at Fallcrest. Most of the town was dead or dying already, so he was forced to leave. As he made his way to Hammerfast, he was stalked by a strange killoren. Upon arriving in Hammerfast, Odrik met up with the party, confused at the lack of leads. With Nimozaran missing, the party had no idea what to do. Just then, Altare noticed a strange figure he had seen earlier and gave chase, quickly losing the party. As he ran through the streets, he dropped Nimozaran’s hand. The strange killoren quickly snatched it up, losing sight of Altare. He decided to return the hand to the party since they would be easier to find than that tricky monk.

Altare eventually caught up with the strange man and followed him through a normal seeming building. At the bottom, Altare was surprised to discover that it was secretly a base for the demonic cult he had been pursuing. The members tried to catch him, but he attempted to escape, making it back up several floors before eventually being captured and dragged onto the altar in the basement. As punishment for killing one of the members of the cult, Altare was sacrificed. The party searched for him for hours, but was unable to find him. The killoren caught up with the party after several hours and quickly earned their trust after presenting them with Nimozaran’s hand.

PoD: Chapter 11
Nimozaran’s Tower

The party returned to Fallcrest and rested at Dirk’s house which had been further vandalized in their absence. The disease still plagued the town. The following morning, the party was approached by a young monk who called himself Altare. The party was not sure what he could offer, but they agreed to allow him to join them once he mentioned Dirk. The party decided to make their way to Nimozaran’s tower to meet with him. On their way, the party was met by the brother of the guard Dirk had looted after the kobold attack. He and his men attacked the party. Altare showed off his fighting skills to the group, helping them to beat up the guards and take the brother prisoner so that he would call of his guards. The party retreated from that fight to Nimozaran’s tower. Upon entering, the party sensed something was wrong. They noticed blood on the stairs and went to investigate, leaving the tied up body of the brother wondering where they had gone. As the party made their way up to the top level, they found more blood and a strange room halfway up. They continued to climb the stairs until they reached to top and were attacked by a strange creature they had never seen before. Nimozaran was nowhere to be seen, other than his severed hand. The party tried to engage the beast, but it was far too powerful. The party retreated back down the stairs, stopping at the strange room along the way. As they looked inside, a mouth appeared on the far wall of the room, saying “Hammerfast” before disappearing. The party retrieved the body of the brother from the bottom of the tower and untied him, telling him to run. As they ran to the mayor’s mansion, the top of Nimozaran’s tower exploded in a great fireball, sending debris everywhere.

In the aftermath of the strange attack, the party tried to figure out what had happened. They could only determine that they needed to visit Hammerfast to figure out what was going on. Odrik could not leave the town though as he had to attend to the sick and wounded in Fallcrest. The other three members of the party set off to Hammerfast in his absence.

PoD: Chapter 10
Gardmore Abbey

The party decided to travel to Gardmore abbey to search for further clues about Argenon. They entered the abbey and cautiously made their way through it. Along the way, the party encountered several traps and enemies. They made their way down several levels to where they found a giant pit and a giant ant colony. The ants attacked, but the party killed them with little difficulty, instilling confidence in themselves. As they ventured further, they came to a place that it appeared only Odrik could enter. The rest of the party was not good enough to go through the passageway. Odrik had to go back and forth making several trips due to his inability to solve some of the puzzles. The group helped him by giving him ideas each time he came back. The journeys back and forth were long though and the rest of the party decided to search the adjacent rooms to the entrance where Odrik kept coming back from. Meanwhile, Odrik discovered artifacts in the tomb that only he could enter. He gathered up what he could and brought it back to the party.

As Odrik was doing that, Dirk began to explore nearby rooms with Sealmin and Paelias. In one room, Dirk noticed a large ant hole. He felt certain that there was treasure hidden within, so he instructed them to tie a rope around his ankle so they could pull him back if he was in trouble. With that done, Dirk entered the ant hole. He crawled to the edge of the length of the rope before tugging on it to signal for Sealmin and Paelias to pull him back. He was disappointed that he had not found anything. On his way back, he encountered several giant ants within the hole. His space in which to move was very limited and he had ants in front of and behind him, so he had to try to get some lucky stabs in while Sealmin and Paelias pulled him out quickly. He fought as hard as he could as they were pulling him out, but he was poisoned on his way out. When Sealmin and Paelias got Dirk out of the hole, he was unconscious and barely clinging to life. Paelias attempted to heal him, but was knocked back by a giant ant. Sealmin and Paelias quickly suppressed the ant attack, but Dirk had died by the time they finished. They sealed the room and dragged Dirk’s body out of it. Odrik had returned by this point to find part of the party dead and the other two in bad shape. They regrouped and formulated a plan to get out of the abbey alive. Odrik attempted to throw Dirk’s body across the pit at the bottom of the stairs in the interest of giving Dirk a proper funeral back at the town. Odrik was not strong enough and Dirk’s lifeless body fell down the pit, landing at the bottom with a dull thud. The party quickly pulled up Dirk’s body for another attempt. When the body reached the top of the pit, the party saw that it was extremely mangled from both being eaten at by ants and from falling down a deep pit. The party quickly took all the valuable items from Dirk’s body and leapt across the pit, leaving the body for giant ants to devour. In a makeshift funeral for Dirk, Odrik threw a vial of holy water at the body, striking it and doing little more than marinating it for the ants. The party set back to Fallcrest, stopping by the family’s house on the way to inform them of Dirk’s death. The daughter was so sad upon hearing the news that she ran into the forest to cry. The party then made their way back to Fallcrest.

PoD: Chapter 9
The Harkenwood Elves

The party found themselves traveling to the Harken Forest to enlist the help of elves in the matter. They found it difficult to enter the city, but Sealmin was able to earn them enough favor to enter. While in the town, Odrik and Dirk split off from the party to drink and find information (though being a dwarf and a human in an all elven settlement made it difficult). Sealmin took the time to study in the library and Paelias went to gather information in a more constructive way than Odrik and Dirk. After one day of research, Sealmin learned of Argenon’s heritage and hometown. After the second day, Sealmin learned of Argenon’s family and his death. He also learned a little bit about Gardmore, Orcish Wars, and the Rule of the Septarchs.

After returning to Fallcrest, the party met with Nimozaran. He seemed more sickly and pale as well as tired. Argenon’s death aura had been growing stronger and had been adversely affecting Nimozaran. He told the party that they might want to look into Gardmore Abbey to see what answers were held within.

In the town, the party learned that the horses had mysteriously returned, bearing ghoul rot (though nobody noticed it was the horses at the time). The disease spread quickly, killing several people each week. The townspeople were too occupied though with fending off kobold attacks that had become more frequent as of late.

PoD: Chapter 5-8
To the Shadowfell, Temple on the Shadowfell, Embassy to Ealthyrazxarthen, The Young Black Dragon

As the party made their way to the Shadowfell, they were attacked by bandits. They were able to make their way to the Shadowfell though using the horses they had rented from the town. The party came upon the tower and found Argenon raising his undead army in the tower. The bodies of mages and guards littered the floor as skeletons and other undead creatures rose up to attack. As Argenon was over a huge rift, the party could not reach him. In the ensuing fight, the party killed a skull lord. When it fell, zombies began feasting on its corpse. As more undead attacked, the situation grew more dire. The party decided to use the amulet they got from Nimozaran. They woke up shortly after in Dirk’s house.

After talking with Nimozaran about what they had seen, the party learned that they should begin seeking out dragons to help prevent them from being slain by the undead armies. Before setting out to Lake Nen, the party contacted the owner of the horses they had rented with bad news. They paid him for losing the horses on the Shadowfell, then set off to Lake Nen in Dirk’s boat. They encountered several enemies on Lake Nen, eventually finding the lair of the Bronze Dragon Ealthyrazxarthen. They entered the cave he lived in to find him, fighting their way all the way back to his room. Ealthyrazxarthen informed the party that he had been spending his time lately trying to get in touch with the evil dragons to tell them about the danger that Argenon posed to them. Ealthyrazxarthen had not made any progress, but pointed the party in the direction of a young black dragon that lived in the Witchlight Fens. He feared that the black dragon was a target of Argenon.

The party went to make its way to the Harken Forest to speak with the Elves there. On the way, they passed a small hamlet and decided to stay the night. The family there had been terrorized recently by a vampire, so the party agreed to kill it. When he visited, the party killed him quickly, putting the family at ease. Dirk fell in love with the eldest daughter of the family. The father, grateful to the party for saving his family, promised the daughter to Dirk for marriage when his adventure was finished.

PoD: Chapter 2-4
Battle at the Gate, The Clemency Plea, The Quest for Moonbane, Plea to the Church

The party woke at 3 in the morning to the sounds of a howling ward battle going on outside. As they geared up and ran outside to find the source of the disturbance, they saw a mass of kobold attacking the town of Fallcrest. The whole guard had joined in the fight as had Nimozaran. The party went to arms and joined the fight. Nimozaran prepared and unleashed spells (to no avail) while the party was working with the guard to slay the kobold. They were able to stop a flank over the wall and shut down the frontal assault on the gate. After several hours, the blood of kobold washed over the land by the gate to Fallcrest. Many guards had been slain, but the kobold were all dead. Dirk, thinking nobody was watching, looted the body of a fallen guard. He was promptly arrested and taken to jail. The remainder of the party talked with Nimozaran who had done some research and supposed a dead man named Janus Argenon was the mysterious lich being rumored to exist nearby. Knowing they could not do anything about the situation at the time, the rest of the party returned to Dirk’s house to stay the night. They didn’t have a key to enter the house, so they broke down the door. They also smashed up a lot of his glasses and plates on accident. When they woke up the next morning, the house had been vandalized.

The party felt that Dirk had suffered enough being in prison overnight and decided to bail him out. They enlisted the help of Lord Warden to pardon Dirk, but he did not accept it. The party was given a quest to free Dirk. They were told to find a valuable sword called Moonbane. They were instructed to go to Gardmore Catacombs, a place that had become infested with goblins. The party encountered many traps in the abbey as well as many goblins. They were eventually able to make it to Moonbane, retrieving it and returning it to Fallcrest. After they returned it, Dirk was (reluctantly) pardoned. The party returned to his house where Dirk was sad to find it in such poor shape as it had been vandalized once again while they were gone.

The party spoke with Nimozaran the following day to see if he had learned any more details of the mysterious lich. Nimozaran informed the party that he required sacred texts and that Diria of the Temple of Faiths had them. The party convinced her to give up the texts. Nimozaran was able to use an orb to show the party what he had discovered. The party saw Argenon scrying an undead army in a ritual. At that point, the orb shattered right in front of them. Nimozaran instructed the party to go to the Shadowfell to prevent Argenon from summoning his undead army.

PoD: Chapter 1
Clearing out the Kobolds

Sealmin, Paelias, Odrik, and Dirk never planned to meet in Fallcrest. It just happened that way, it was almost like destiny. The four found themselves in the same bar, socializing with people when they decided that they could form an adventuring party to earn some money. Each man brought a unique skill set to the table to aid the party. Sealmin, an accomplished wizard, was able to cast powerful spells to keep enemies at bay. Paelias, a cunning ranger, was able to use his knowledge of nature and his keen tracking ability to stalk and stealthily kill his enemies. Odrik, a valiant paladin, was able to strike at enemies with powerful blows while supporting the party with his ability to heal. Dirk, a stalwart fighter, was able to absorb most of the damage from enemies while hacking away at them with his sword.

The four adventurers immediately hit it off and decided to go into business together. The party then went to search for ways in which they could apply their skills to earn money. They were contracted by Lord Warden to clear the Kobold Hall. He had been annoyed with kobold raids of late and wanted the party to help end them. The party was also contacted by Teldorthan Goldcap, dwarven armorer who was looking for a cured green dragon hide. He told the party that he believed the hide was inside the hall. With that, the party set off towards Kobold Hall.

As the party made their way through the hall, they began to learn the fighting styles of their comrades. They also learned of some other unfortunate quirks. Dirk had an insatiable curiosity about him that seemed to cause him to compulsively open every crypt the party passed. Once, there was something good in the crypt, but for the most part there was either nothing or a dangerous enemy lurking within.

Fortunately, the party made it through the hall alive and discovered that the dragon hide had been taken by the undead. With that information and the hall cleared, the party headed back to Fallcrest to collect their rewards and rest. They were contacted by Nimozaran the Green who had a long talk with the party about undead and the lich.

Who will I become?

I find myself in a precarious situation. A week ago I thought that this journey was over. Now it seems that I’m still in the middle of it. Also it appears that the Crimson Hand still has a sizable force, and they know that Vancer is dead.

Just outside the Yeth Woods was a large camp. After flying over their I quickly learned that the Crimson Hand has a huge amount soldiers and they all really don’t like me, it probably has to do with me killing Vancer. But who really knows why they hate me? Lute, Bombaros, Larkin, and I had to hike around. Then we spent the greater part of this week in a dark swamp called Malevor. The good news is that I can accurately say that it was worse than hell. Load moans, disgusting water, and worst of all skeletal arms that reach out of the water and try to kill you. Shortly after that three, well I’m not sure what they were but they for definitely dead, things, tried to kill us. After that we decided to press on and get out of there.

Just outside of Malevor is Fort Erkon. I’m not quite sure how this next part happened but after they let us in and gave us a place to stay I began noticing that as the day went on people began to admire me. Buy dinner I was the guest of honor. As it turns out nobody survives Malevor. Also the soldiers at this fort have had very little to do. Their commander, Malicar, informed me that it has been this way for a while, it seems that Malevor is not longer the threat to Distaff that it once was. Which means that the men are bored and as luck would have it they were offered a job by the Crimson Hand. After telling Malicar, and all the leaders of the fort my entire story they have agreed to help oppose the Crimson Hand, if it comes to that.

We also learned about another fort near by, Exa, that the Crimson Hand has also extended an offer to. Malicar stated that they even have an adviser from the Crimson Hand there. That is our next destination. Unfortunately now that I have these men all willing to fight for me I have no choice to continue on. I will not let them down. If this comes to war, which it almost certainly will, I’ll lead the charge.

Right after dinner Malicar told me that there is a dark wizard that lives in the center of Malevor. Actually the wizard created Malevor by trying to merge this plane with the plane of darkness. According to Malicar the wizard would be willing to help us destroy the hand, which by the way Bombaros had the whole time.

But even after all this there was one event in this whole week that overshadows all of it. Malicar asked me if we had met before. We haven’t, ever. He says to have met someone who looks exactly like me at Exa. He made it clear that it was not Vancer. That means that there is only one other person that I believe it could be: my son.


Out of the Frying Pan into the Forest
How to trade demons for giant spiders and angry trees.

The good news is that I am no longer in hell. Actually in my current state there are very few things that could make this situation any better. For once I am actually safe and not bleeding to death. This is the first time in almost two years.

But as for how I got out of hell.

I had no idea how I was going to escape that place. I began taking odd jobs in the hopes that I could buy my way out eventually. The hardest job I took while down there was to steal a magical pike from some large demon. The good news was that the client wanted the target to know what was going on. Which is really good seeing as I have always favored the direct approach? After trying to scare the target into doing what I wanted, this did not work. I had Drake destroy the front of his shop. That led to the target kicking the crap out of me. I managed to escape, with the help of Drake of course, and double back steal the pike and fly away.

I would highly recommend Half-Dragon companions to anyone I know. While members of my party may think that Drake is simply an animal that I use for transportation it saddens me to admit that he is most likely my closest friend.

Back to the story. A made a fair amount of profit off of that job and Shamus, of all people, found a way to get us home. Using the money I had earned I purchased some new weapons. Just a note I would also highly recommend rapiers that shock the people you stab. Shamus had found a few people to aid him I guess. One is a woman named Larkin, a Halfling named Lute, and another Halfling whose name I cannot remember, I call him Bombaros. Anyway as it turns out the way to open a portal back is simply to use the ruby hand where we came in.

Shamus instructed me to destroy the hand when we returned. He also decided to stay behind. I have no idea why he would do that but at least I don’t have to worry about how he is going to get me killed now. After returning through the portal the ruby hand was nowhere to be seen. It must have been destroyed in transit or by its use.

After wandering in the unfortunately too familiar Yeth Woods for a while I had Drake fly me up a tree and after climbing up further I was able to get some bearings. That would be when I fell out of the tree. To be completely honest the goal was to catch a ride on Drake and land safely. He, however, must not have heard me because after breaking what felt like hundreds of branches I smashed into the ground safely.

I tried to get some sleep that night but Bombaros decided it best to set a tree on fire. Just so anyone who reads this in the future knows, Treants don’t like it when you set their kin on fire. After failing to reason with him, the large tree, Bombaros and I fought and eventually that large mass of wood let us pass safely through the forest. Now we sit on the edge of the forest. I can’t help but wonder is this all finally over?



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