Anthros Campaign Setting

In Search of Jorn—Part II

The party decided to head directly to Jorn’s house, figuring that it would be best to complete the mission as quickly as possible. It was about half an hour’s walk according to the map the old bartender had given them. Halfway to Jorn’s, Ehlorra noticed several men following at a distance. As the party continued on, she suddenly remembered that the bartender had mentioned something about a “bad part of town.” Too late now, she grimaced.

As they entered the alley, two more bandits stepped out of the shadows. “I think it’s time for you to leave,” remarked the first, hefting his short sword. “Your kind isn’t wanted here.” As he was speaking, Ehlorra noticed several other men pointing crossbows from the shadows. With a quick nod, the party leaped into action. Dynamisk hurled globs of acid while Ehlorra punched and kicked her way through the darkened alley; Larkin ducked to get a bead on the bandits on the balcony above, and Olga took the opportunity to introduce them to her GA. They party defeated most of the men, though two escaped. Thanks to Color Spray, they were able to take a hostage, whom Olga readily interrogated. She noticed a red hand tattoo on the man’s wrist. She learned that these men were affiliated with the Crimson Hand, a local human-superiority group that had recently been exerting more power over the region. The captured mage mentioned something about a routine patrol, though Larkin got the feeling that it wasn’t the whole story, and Dynamisk wondered if this group could be related to the ruby hand that they acquired from the highwaymen the day before. Once they were thoroughly satisfied with his information, the party left the man bound in the alley.

On their way out of the alley, Ehlorra and Dynamisk were shot from behind. Dynamisk and Olga were able to identify the attacker, and Larkin shot him with a poisoned dart before he escaped, heavily injured, back into the dark alley. Ehlorra got the feeling that he didn’t make it very far.
Injured and tired, the group decided to stay in an inn for the night to recover their wounds. They all stayed in the same room since Ehlorra was still unconscious from the assassin’s attack.

In the morning, the party was surprised to see a group of the town guard in the inn’s tavern. As they descended the stairs, the barkeep pointed them out and the guards moved to place them under arrest. It took all of Olga’s will to go along, but after several minutes of custody she had had enough. The group attacked, trying to flee; though they made a valiant effort, the guards were heavily armed and eventually prevailed in disarming and jailing the party in the cellar of a church. The guards, particularly the captain, were extremely excited about the ruby hand that Olga had recovered from the bandits, and took all of the party’s gear.

Once they were in the cell, the party waited until all but one of the guards left, then Olga broke down the cell’s wooden door, though it took long enough for the guard to call upstairs for reinforcements. At this point, Dynamisk and Larkin were unconscious. Ehlorra and Olga battled the guard at the door, but before he was defeated Ehlorra had fallen. Dynamisk and Larkin finally regained consciousness and aided Olga in defeating the last of the guards, including the captain. As they searched the upper story of the church for the weapons that had been stripped from them, Olga heard a small troop outside, preparing to enter and recapture them. Olga and Larkin positioned themselves in the armory and surprised the goons, finally defeating them after a long and heart-wrenching battle on both sides.

Olga hefted the now-unconscious Dynamisk onto her back as she and Larkin raced out of the church, toward the city gate, trying their best to avoid the crowds of citizens calling for more guards. The gate was heavily guarded, so they elected to climb onto a rooftop from the alley below. To their horror, they realized that the roof was in direct line of sight of the guard towers. Olga and Larkin quickly crammed themselves into a staircase, closing their eyes and breathing heavily, praying that they would stay hidden.

As Olga squeezed herself tighter into the already small staircase, she suddenly felt a shadow hovering above her. She opened her eyes to the sight of a dwarf clad in camofluage and full survival gear pointing a crossbow at her face. “Nice to meet you,” the dwarf growled. “I’m Jorn.”

(Scribed by Cpt_Tempesta)


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