Seamus Arken

Male Human Age: 29 Weight: 229
Aristocrat/Barbarian Height: 6’2 Chaotic Good

Priam (father, deceased)
Mother Enda
Sister Gloria
Sister Sylvia
Sister Eria

One year ago: Seamus has a thin frame that is augmented by a slight paunch. Although he is tall, he spends most of his time cowering, stooping, or hunching over a drink, so it’s hard to tell. He has a grizzled beard and constantly wears a filthy, tattered purple cape. His eyes are usually bloodshot and dart quickly; it’s apparent that he does not get much sleep and it is not of good quality. His fingernails are grimy, his hair greasy, and he is in a general and constant state of poor hygiene.

Seamus’ self-confidence has been shattered by years of isolation, poverty, and ill fortune. When he wants to ask a question he generally ends up begging, often on his knees. He is very excitable and prone to paranoia, lamentatious outbursts, and general self-pity. When he has money he spends most of it on drink. For the most part, he does not make logical or reasonable choices, since his brain has been addled by constant inebriation.
Seamus constantly brags about his father’s trading empire and how, one day, he will finally restore it to its former glory. He spends much of his time asking townsfolk if they know what happened to his father, even though they have told him the same stories hundreds of times over. Seamus is convinced that with enough money, he can rebuild the family manor and reinstate the Arken Trading Company.

In his youth, Seamus lived peacefully with his family in the Arken family manor south of Stonefall. His father Priam had grown extremely wealthy from his trade company, and so the Arken clan was well provided for; Priam would often leave on business, sometimes for days at a time. When Seamus was 18, his father left on business and never returned. The family journeyed south to stay with his uncle while others looked for Priam. Weeks later, a report came that his caravan had been destroyed and the men killed; Priam was never found and presumed dead. Although they suffered greatly, his family resolved to move back into the manor. However, they began to hear terrible howlings, tortured screams, and violent tearing and smashing sounds coming from the house. Seamus’ mother and sisters decided to move south and stay with his uncle; the loss of Priam and the terrible haunting of the manor was too much for them. Seamus, however, resolved to stay in the area and continue the search for his father, gradually spending or being duped out of all of his money. Several years later, he was a common laborer working just to eat. His situation gradually declined until he could barely feed himself. Currently, he lives by stealing or begging for food, money, or ale. He waits for the day when a hardy group of adventurers can begin to call in his father’s debts…



Seamus Arken

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