| Male Human | Age: 21 | Height: ~5’10 | Weight: ~150 | Wizard (Universalist) | Alignment: Neutral Good

A charismatic, sometimes brash young man who studies fervently in the hopes of one day being appointed to the Council of the Septarchs.


A wizard training under the Council of the Septarchs and a native of Fallcrest. As a youth, he showed a propensity for magic, and when he came of age (16 years old) he was transferred into the care of the Council. It was obvious that Nimozaran was a magical prodigy, and he became the youngest mage ever to be tasked with the training of apprentice adepts.

He is currently part of the retinue of wizards who train apprentice adepts with Patrocloak. Nimozaran helped to train and advise Caravir in the ways of magic from 232 – 235N.


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