An evoker wizard who lives in Maystone. "A rather flamboyant and crazy wizard"

| Male Human | Age:??? | Height: 5’4 | Weight: ~120 | Wizard (Evoker) | Alignment: ??? | Level: ???

Maro appears to be in his mid-80’s. He stoops most of the time but is quick and sprightly. He wears worn blue wizard’s robes and his fingers often crackle with static electricity. He is very unpredictable.


Maro is an evoker wizard who lives in Maystone. He has a propensity for lightning spells and loves to spend his days (or months, or years) inside reading or researching new spells. He is fluent in Goblin.

From the Scribe’s notes:

“She [Caravir] consulted the mayor of the town very late at night about the issue. He directed her at a rather flamboyant and crazy wizard who was able to vaguely translate what the goblin was saying before he decided to use LIGHTNING! EEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!!! on it. After a long argument about the wrongful goblin killing, the wizard gave Caravir two spell scrolls for her trouble and sent her on her way. She got a room at the inn and rested and studied her newly acquired scrolls.”


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