Dirk Myrmaligan

"Even though he's dead, I decided that since I wrote it, I might as well post the damn thing or it will go completely to waste."


Name: Dirkran Myrmaligan (real surname unknown) currently goes by “Dirk”
Birthdate: 9th day of Ortog, 492N
Age: 27
Height: 6’ 2”
Weight: 200lbs.
Hair: Rusty Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Personality: Hardy, Musclebound
Hometown: Unknown, raised in Harkenwold
Deity: Erathis
Parents: Names unknown


Dirkran never had the opportunity to meet his parents. All that is known of his true parents was that his father was a priest and his mother was a prostitute. Three days after his birth, he was left on the steps of the monastery in Harkenwold. Pinned to his cradle was a note that read:
Here is Dirkran.
He was born of a priest and a prostitute
that should never have brought a child
for they must constantly remain on the road
for reasons we cannot explain and we do not
wish that life upon our son.
Please raise him well so that he may live a full life.

The head of the monastery, father John Myrmaligan, adopted Dirkran as his own son and vowed to raise him as a priest to promote peace and good through the land. While Dirkran showed an ability to learn magic, by age 6, it became apparent that it was not going to be his strong suit. Father John continued to train Dirkran to no avail. Dirkran was able to use magic to some degree, but he lacked the finesse to truly master it. While trying to heal a fellow student, Dirkran wound up accidentally setting the student on fire instead, so Father John decided to instead train Dirkran to become a great and inspiring leader in the hopes that he would be able to spread the good word to inspire followers in distant towns. By age 15, Dirkran was a very big, strong lad. He was at least a foot taller and far stronger than the other boys his age. His difference was subject to ridicule often, which led to many fights. Fortunately, Dirkran had the ability to accidentally set people on fire, which came in handy during the fights, but brought punishment from father John. At one point, Dirkran was so fed up with people questioning his sexuality that he said he was born in “Naked Ladistan.” The ridicule he received was so harsh, he still holds on to that belief to this day and will claim he was born there when he is asked. It is best to stay away from that topic with him.

Shortly after his 16th birthday, Dirkran was talking with Father John about his future and what he was going to do with his life whilst walking outside the monastery in the courtyard. Just then, a necromancer ran into the courtyard accompanied by several undead minions. Recognizing the necromancer as the man Father John had been speaking against for years now, Father John knew the necromancer was out for his blood, so he quickly pushed Dirkran out of the way and started to engage the necromancer. He managed to injure the necromancer, who fled immediately thereafter. Then, a minion turned to attack Dirkran. Trying to save him, Father John lost focus and managed to save Dirkran, but due to his distraction with that, two minions swarmed him and disemboweled him right before Dirkan’s eyes. Dirkran, still pretty freaked out at almost being killed by an undead creature, now watching his father figure’s innards being ripped out of him, went into a frenzy and grabbed a nearby rock which he used to bludgeon the three remaining undead to death (or redeath if you prefer). After the encounter, some priests finally arrived outside to find Dirkran kneeling over Father John’s disgusting bloody corpse with the beaten corpses of the undead nearby. The priests tried to console Dirkran, but considering what he had just been through, there wasn’t much they could really do. Dirkran decided to leave the monastery to find the necromancer. The whole time he was searching, he couldn’t help but question his monastic upbringing. He was always told about the “dark arts” and “evil.” He was able to understand that those things were bad, but he couldn’t help but realize that if Father John had not perceived those things as so wrong, perhaps he wouldn’t have been killed.

After a year of searching to no avail, Dirkran settled in the town of Hammerfast. There, he lived for 3 months working at a tavern. After 3 months, he got his first lead on the necromancer’s hideout. The stranger told him that he would have to earn some favor with the man’s boss before he could learn where the necromancer hid. Little did Dirkran know that he would become a hired goon for a demonic cult. Almost completely forgetting about Father John who would have been very disappointed, Dirkran faithfully served the cult for a year and a half, killing many of its “enemies” and learning skills and languages as well as enjoying the camaraderie. After quickly rising up the ranks over a year and a half due to his skill, the leader finally granted Dirkran a special group of trained men to accompany him on his missions. His party consisted of himself, his right hand man named Jennuryl Talrytirax, and three other men that were low rank cult members. The leader also granted Dirkran the information he once sought on the necromancer. Upon learning the information, Dirkran, who had all but forgotten about Father John and the necromancer, suddenly felt grief for what had happened to him. Dirkran felt that he had dishonored the surname Myrmaligan, which stood for such good. He decided to not dishonor it further and he stopped using it altogether. It took Dirkran 3 weeks to get to the necromancer, but when he did, he made sure the man suffered for what he had done to Father John. After killing the necromancer, Dirkran didn’t feel better about anything. In fact, all he realized was that he had come to hate the monastery and the cult and the necromancer for if they had not been so extreme in their beliefs, he might not have been led down this path of killing. He couldn’t help but feel that if the two sides had not been so different, they could have gotten along and perhaps Dirkran could have lived a quiet, peaceful life. It was this realization that made him decided to leave the cult.

Unfortunately, the cult is not something one can leave as they please. He made the mistake of confiding in Jennuryl and sensing this weakness, Jennuryl turned Dirkran’s group against him. Fortunately, Dirkran was a proficient swordsman and was prepared for the attack, so he was able to slay the three soldiers with relative ease. Jennuryl managed to slice at Dirkran’s face and left a large scar across his face. Fortunately the cut was not deeper, for had it been, Dirkran may have lost the use of his left eye. Dirkran managed to slice off Jennuryl’s sword hand. Upon that happening, Jennuryl fled. Sensing his opportunity to leave the cult and tired of killing, Dirkran ran as fast as he could in the opposite direction from Jennuryl. Since leaving the cult, Dirkran has been attacked by and has slain two hired assassins sent to kill him on separate occasions. Little is known of Jennuryl, aside from that he is still with the cult.

After fleeing, Dirkran set off towards Winterhaven via the Gray Downs. Along his way, he encountered a bear which he killed at the expense of his sword. He was then forced to take a detour to Fallcrest to get his sword repaired. In Fallcrest, he fell in love with the town and he stayed several months. While exploring the town, he encountered the shrine to Erathis. After learning what Erathis promoted, he signed up as a follower. He decided to shorten his name to just “Dirk,” a name he felt was more simple and did not give an impression of power, weakness, good, or bad. As much as Dirk liked Fallcrest, he had to go to Winterhaven, but now it was to spread the word of Erathis. Along his way there, Dirk encountered a caravan which he hitchhiked on until he got to Winterhaven. On the caravan, he met his wife to be. They were married in Winterhaven shortly after their arrival. In Winterhaven, Dirk enjoyed a quiet life with his wife while he worked as a judge promoting justice and logic for three good years. One day, when he was 25, he was called up north for some official judgey type business. When he returned to Winterhaven, he discovered that his house outside the town had been sacked by Kobald. He also discovered that his pregnant wife and his son had been killed. Dirk, who had been doing a good job of remaining rather unemotional the past few years, suddenly went crazy and began mutilating nearby Kobald corpses, declaring that the Kobald were illogical creatures and his mortal enemy. Dirk doesn’t really expect to eliminate the entire race, he just makes sure he doesn’t leave any alive if he sees them. Feeling that Winterhaven held too many bad memories for him, Dirk decided to return to Fallcrest. In Fallcrest, he set aside his life of lawfulness for an adventurer’s life, completely free from the conflicting ideas of good and evil. He lived in Fallcrest for two years before meeting his last traveling company: Sealmin, Paelias, and Osric.

Events leading to death:
After vowing to destroy the evil Lich, Dirk along with his friends set out to gain means to destroy the Lich. On the way, Dirk encountered many strange new places and being a curious person, always decided to investigate often to the dislike of his traveling companions. Dirk’s final mistake was being a bit too gung-ho and crawling into a small hole barely big enough to crawl through. He was attacked by giant ants and despite the brave efforts of Sealmin and Paelias, he was killed by poison that came from the ants. Dirk was not given a funeral. His traveling companions tried to get him to a place where he could be resurrected, but due to Osric’s weakness, Dirk’s corpse wound up down in a hole and was more or less mangled. After pulling him back up, the three decided they could not get Dirk’s body out of the abbey and they decided to loot his corpse and rather than push him back in the hole for a sort of grave, they decided to just let the ants carry his body off to their lair. Dirk’s betrothed wife ran into the forest upon hearing news of his death. Paelias called squirrel.

Dirk’s life has been plagued by events both good and bad. This had left him with a loathing of both sides of the spectrum and he has pledged himself to being just and logical. He believes that the need of many is the most important thing to consider. He believes that his neutrality leads to more logical decisions in battle that may not serve one side or another, but at least keep his party alive. Dirk acts as he sees fit in situations and he doesn’t like to explain why he made a decision. It’s for that reason he chose to be a marshal, he feels that the people he leads should accept his decisions and follow his examples to complete the objective at hand. When he is in combat, he sees the objective and tries to accomplish that objective as best he can, often with rather unorthodox methods. He feels that his lack of formal training (which is common for marshals) has left him able to think freely and to make decisions that work, not just ones that were encouraged. Dirk only desires to eliminate the illogical. Even though he enjoys adventuring, he is a young man with the same urges as any young man and he can sometimes get distracted when beautiful women are around.

Dirk is tall and muscular for a human. He has a rather intimidating appearance. He has medium length blonde hair and a scruffy bit of facial hair here and there. From his middle left forehead to his mouth straight down, he has a scar left from a fight with his one time friend Jennuryl. In some companies, Dirk has been called The Wall, a reference to Pink Floyd as well as a reference to his strength and commitment to defend his companions.

Dirk Myrmaligan

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