Altare (Deceased)


Name: Altare Cantaro
Birthdate: 1st day of Froez, 497N
Age: 22
Height: 6’ 0”
Weight: 178
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Personality: Relentless, Slippery
Hometown: Hammerfast
Deity: Irori
Allignment: Lawful Neutral
Parents: Serran Cantaro (Father) and Lady Madelyn Cantaro


Parents Background:
Altare’s mother was the daughter of a wealthy governor in a now forgotten town to the east and well outside the Nentir Valley. Serran, a skilled assassin, worked for the governor and carried out contracts quickly and efficiently, thus giving him a great reputation in the area for being deadly and cost effective. One day, a wildfire destroyed most of the town they once called their home. The governor was killed by the wildfire while he was sleeping. It was believed though that someone had possibly prevented him from getting out of the house (by perhaps tying him to his bed) and then helping the fire overcome the governor’s mansion, but in the end nothing could be proven. Though Lady Madelyn was supposed to take over, she did not because a power struggle soon came about that engulfed the tiny, once peaceful town into a small civil war. Fearing for his wife’s safety, Serran took her with him and fled towards the Nentir Valley hoping to find refuge there as many of the townsfolk wanted him dead. As they were crossing the Dawnforge Mountains, the two stopped by a temple to Irori where they stayed to recover from wounds sustained while escaping the town. During their couple of days at the temple, it was uncovered by the priests at the temple that Serran was an accomplished assassin. They approached him with work and asked if he would like to be as they called it “The blade of Irori to spread justice through the land.” Serran, needing money decided to take the work because after much consideration with his wife, they realized it was all he could really do. Though they settled in Hammerfast, Serran was often gone due to his business for Irori.

In 497N, Lady Madelyn gave birth to Altare. Unfortunately, due to complications, she died while giving birth. He was cared for by the midwife for three days until Serran returned. He couldn’t live in Hammerfast anymore, so Serran decided to take Altare and move into the temple. They took up residence in the small room that Serran often used only for overnight stays. It was just big enough for two people to use to sleep in.

A dedicated follower of Irori, Serran made sure that Altare grew up the same. Altare studied with the priests, but his education was mainly limited to physical training. The priests taught him to cook, craft weapons, and even entertain people as well as reading and writing, but Serran was more concerned that Altare learn to fight. When he was 4, Altare could already swim and ride a horse. As he grew, the priests taught him what Serran felt he needed. Altare understood that Serran was limiting his intellectual education, but he really didn’t care because he enjoyed practicing combat. Serran used Sai whenever he went on missions, so he taught Altare to use them after Altare had become proficient at hand to hand combat. Serran also worked intensely on athletics and acrobatics with Altare, making sure that Altare could surmount most any obstacle facing him with relative ease. He trained and learned this way until he was 16, when his father finally decided he was ready. Due to the intensity and the amount of training he received, Altare found that he could fight on much longer than other people like him and he would often win battles by tiring out his opponents especially if he know they were much stronger than him.

Young adulthood:
The priests of Irori who gave contracts of Irori’s bidding to Serran realized the potential Altare showed and they decided to start him on the track of filling his father’s shoes. They recruited Altare as an infiltrator. It was his job to gather information on targets that his father would then destroy. They felt that Altare did not have the physical prowess of his father yet that would enable him to destroy targets, but they felt that if he could learn to infiltrate their unlawful enemy groups that he could perhaps gain some skills that would come in handy if he ever were to become an assassin. Altare happily accepted the job because he was a devoted follower of Irori and very much wanted to become a great assassin like his father.

Altare had earned a good name for himself amongst the priests of Irori by age 18. He had helped to infiltrate the inner circles to gather detailed information of more than 7 enemies in just two short years. While on his 8th infiltration mission, he discovered a plot against his father. Altare was put in a complicated position. He could not tell his father because the group he was infiltrating would surely find out and all the information he had gathered would be useless. Also, he figured they would probably kill him. On the other hand, he couldn’t just knowingly let his father walk into a trap. He had to choose between his father and Irori and he took a lesson from his father and decided that the pursuit of justice must always take the highest priority. He decided to not tell his father. Because of that, his father was attacked and was not killed, but was very badly hurt. He lost his right hand and was blinded permanently in his left eye. Altare helped get his father back to Irori’s temple where the priests helped to heal him. Unfortunately for Serran, his days of being an assassin were over. The priests recognized that Altare was next in line to take over, but they still felt he was not ready to become an assassin. Altare disagreed, but still accepted the priests’ decision and continued his work as an infiltrator.

Eventually, word came to the priests of a demonic cult in Hammerfast. The priests felt that the cult had set up in Hammerfast as a message of warning to the temple. The priests knew that the cult was a definite threat and they gave Altare instructions to infiltrate the cult and to figure out how to bring it down. Altare knew that infiltrating the cult would be a very long process and that if he managed to, he would probably be recognized as finally ready to fill his father’s shoes. He set off to learn about the cult. When he arrived in Hammerfast, he managed to get his foot in the door of the cult via a contact he met in a bar named Jennuryl Talrytirax. Altare asked how Jennuryl had lost his hand and Jennuryl told him about a man named Dirk and how he had left the cult and the bastard had cut off Jennuryl’s hand in a cowardly attempt to make an escape. Altare immediately knew that this Dirk fellow was his best chance of infiltrating the cult. First though, he had to make sure that Altare maintained no connection to the cult because he understood it was the type of thing that he should not get close to until he was ready to completely infiltrate it. He left the bar before Jennuryl and then stalked him to his house where he quickly killed him in his sleep. Altare then returned to Irori’s temple to seek any information on the wherabouts of Dirk. They managed to learn of his hometown, Harkenwold. Altare set out there to find him, but to no avail. He returned to Irori’s temple again, frustrated at being unable to find this elusive man. After a couple months, word reached the temple of a foolish man named Dirk who had looted a guard after the Kobald raid on Fallcrest and he had been imprisoned. With that knowledge, Altare set out towards Fallcrest to find Dirk, hoping that this man would be able to help Altare infiltrate the demonic cult. It was his only lead on the cult and Altare knew that if Dirk could not help him, then he would have to find another unlawful target to distract Irori from his failings while he looked for other ways to infiltrate the cult.

Altare was raised in a temple and never had any contact with children his own age when he was growing up. For this reason, he has never really been able to hold a great conversation with anyone. He holds Irori above all else and will do anything to serve Irori’s will. He is very quiet, but very athletic and his style of combat has often impressed many people that have seen him use it. Altare prefers to travel alone, but he recognizes when he needs help, though he is reluctant to ask for it. He received difficult training for most of his life and it has left him with more endurance than other people similar to him. When he sees people fatigued in combat, he doesn’t understand why they don’t give it their all like he does. He is skilled at climbing and jumping around, easily making it over obstacles that people would often find difficult to cross. He has a very stoic demeanor because he always looks objectively at a situation and coolly calculates his way through it. He always thinks of the best way to kill a target. He will not engage a target of lawful alignment unless it is in defense of himself or any companions he may be with.

Altare has dark brown hair, but you would hardly know because he keeps his head shaven always, just as his father did. He prefers to wear robes that keep his upper body mostly uncovered except for in key contact points where enemies frequently strike. He feels that that style of clothing makes for better movement. The only hair he has is a tuff of hair on his chin that he has because his father had it. His eyes are a striking green, though he rarely bothers to make eye contact with people. He gets his height from his mother’s side of the family. His father was only 5’ 10”, but Altare stands at 6 feet tall. Despite his size, he is still able to remain hidden well until he needs to be seen. His family insignia is a half moon with a small triangle pointing up out of the half moon. Altare has it proudly displayed on his chest and on his scalp as well as wearing it on his robes. In total, he always wears four of the symbols. Each one is a different color, representing a different element (red = fire, blue = water, green = earth, silver = wind). He doesn’t quite understand why the element theme exists or why each element is in its specific location, but his father’s family has done it for as long as his records go back, so he does as well.

Altare (Deceased)

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