Anthros Campaign Setting

PoD: Chapter 5-8

To the Shadowfell, Temple on the Shadowfell, Embassy to Ealthyrazxarthen, The Young Black Dragon

As the party made their way to the Shadowfell, they were attacked by bandits. They were able to make their way to the Shadowfell though using the horses they had rented from the town. The party came upon the tower and found Argenon raising his undead army in the tower. The bodies of mages and guards littered the floor as skeletons and other undead creatures rose up to attack. As Argenon was over a huge rift, the party could not reach him. In the ensuing fight, the party killed a skull lord. When it fell, zombies began feasting on its corpse. As more undead attacked, the situation grew more dire. The party decided to use the amulet they got from Nimozaran. They woke up shortly after in Dirk’s house.

After talking with Nimozaran about what they had seen, the party learned that they should begin seeking out dragons to help prevent them from being slain by the undead armies. Before setting out to Lake Nen, the party contacted the owner of the horses they had rented with bad news. They paid him for losing the horses on the Shadowfell, then set off to Lake Nen in Dirk’s boat. They encountered several enemies on Lake Nen, eventually finding the lair of the Bronze Dragon Ealthyrazxarthen. They entered the cave he lived in to find him, fighting their way all the way back to his room. Ealthyrazxarthen informed the party that he had been spending his time lately trying to get in touch with the evil dragons to tell them about the danger that Argenon posed to them. Ealthyrazxarthen had not made any progress, but pointed the party in the direction of a young black dragon that lived in the Witchlight Fens. He feared that the black dragon was a target of Argenon.

The party went to make its way to the Harken Forest to speak with the Elves there. On the way, they passed a small hamlet and decided to stay the night. The family there had been terrorized recently by a vampire, so the party agreed to kill it. When he visited, the party killed him quickly, putting the family at ease. Dirk fell in love with the eldest daughter of the family. The father, grateful to the party for saving his family, promised the daughter to Dirk for marriage when his adventure was finished.



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