Anthros Campaign Setting

PoD: Chapter 2-4

Battle at the Gate, The Clemency Plea, The Quest for Moonbane, Plea to the Church

The party woke at 3 in the morning to the sounds of a howling ward battle going on outside. As they geared up and ran outside to find the source of the disturbance, they saw a mass of kobold attacking the town of Fallcrest. The whole guard had joined in the fight as had Nimozaran. The party went to arms and joined the fight. Nimozaran prepared and unleashed spells (to no avail) while the party was working with the guard to slay the kobold. They were able to stop a flank over the wall and shut down the frontal assault on the gate. After several hours, the blood of kobold washed over the land by the gate to Fallcrest. Many guards had been slain, but the kobold were all dead. Dirk, thinking nobody was watching, looted the body of a fallen guard. He was promptly arrested and taken to jail. The remainder of the party talked with Nimozaran who had done some research and supposed a dead man named Janus Argenon was the mysterious lich being rumored to exist nearby. Knowing they could not do anything about the situation at the time, the rest of the party returned to Dirk’s house to stay the night. They didn’t have a key to enter the house, so they broke down the door. They also smashed up a lot of his glasses and plates on accident. When they woke up the next morning, the house had been vandalized.

The party felt that Dirk had suffered enough being in prison overnight and decided to bail him out. They enlisted the help of Lord Warden to pardon Dirk, but he did not accept it. The party was given a quest to free Dirk. They were told to find a valuable sword called Moonbane. They were instructed to go to Gardmore Catacombs, a place that had become infested with goblins. The party encountered many traps in the abbey as well as many goblins. They were eventually able to make it to Moonbane, retrieving it and returning it to Fallcrest. After they returned it, Dirk was (reluctantly) pardoned. The party returned to his house where Dirk was sad to find it in such poor shape as it had been vandalized once again while they were gone.

The party spoke with Nimozaran the following day to see if he had learned any more details of the mysterious lich. Nimozaran informed the party that he required sacred texts and that Diria of the Temple of Faiths had them. The party convinced her to give up the texts. Nimozaran was able to use an orb to show the party what he had discovered. The party saw Argenon scrying an undead army in a ritual. At that point, the orb shattered right in front of them. Nimozaran instructed the party to go to the Shadowfell to prevent Argenon from summoning his undead army.



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