Anthros Campaign Setting

PoD: Chapter 10

Gardmore Abbey

The party decided to travel to Gardmore abbey to search for further clues about Argenon. They entered the abbey and cautiously made their way through it. Along the way, the party encountered several traps and enemies. They made their way down several levels to where they found a giant pit and a giant ant colony. The ants attacked, but the party killed them with little difficulty, instilling confidence in themselves. As they ventured further, they came to a place that it appeared only Odrik could enter. The rest of the party was not good enough to go through the passageway. Odrik had to go back and forth making several trips due to his inability to solve some of the puzzles. The group helped him by giving him ideas each time he came back. The journeys back and forth were long though and the rest of the party decided to search the adjacent rooms to the entrance where Odrik kept coming back from. Meanwhile, Odrik discovered artifacts in the tomb that only he could enter. He gathered up what he could and brought it back to the party.

As Odrik was doing that, Dirk began to explore nearby rooms with Sealmin and Paelias. In one room, Dirk noticed a large ant hole. He felt certain that there was treasure hidden within, so he instructed them to tie a rope around his ankle so they could pull him back if he was in trouble. With that done, Dirk entered the ant hole. He crawled to the edge of the length of the rope before tugging on it to signal for Sealmin and Paelias to pull him back. He was disappointed that he had not found anything. On his way back, he encountered several giant ants within the hole. His space in which to move was very limited and he had ants in front of and behind him, so he had to try to get some lucky stabs in while Sealmin and Paelias pulled him out quickly. He fought as hard as he could as they were pulling him out, but he was poisoned on his way out. When Sealmin and Paelias got Dirk out of the hole, he was unconscious and barely clinging to life. Paelias attempted to heal him, but was knocked back by a giant ant. Sealmin and Paelias quickly suppressed the ant attack, but Dirk had died by the time they finished. They sealed the room and dragged Dirk’s body out of it. Odrik had returned by this point to find part of the party dead and the other two in bad shape. They regrouped and formulated a plan to get out of the abbey alive. Odrik attempted to throw Dirk’s body across the pit at the bottom of the stairs in the interest of giving Dirk a proper funeral back at the town. Odrik was not strong enough and Dirk’s lifeless body fell down the pit, landing at the bottom with a dull thud. The party quickly pulled up Dirk’s body for another attempt. When the body reached the top of the pit, the party saw that it was extremely mangled from both being eaten at by ants and from falling down a deep pit. The party quickly took all the valuable items from Dirk’s body and leapt across the pit, leaving the body for giant ants to devour. In a makeshift funeral for Dirk, Odrik threw a vial of holy water at the body, striking it and doing little more than marinating it for the ants. The party set back to Fallcrest, stopping by the family’s house on the way to inform them of Dirk’s death. The daughter was so sad upon hearing the news that she ran into the forest to cry. The party then made their way back to Fallcrest.



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