Anthros Campaign Setting


Who will I become?

I find myself in a precarious situation. A week ago I thought that this journey was over. Now it seems that I’m still in the middle of it. Also it appears that the Crimson Hand still has a sizable force, and they know that Vancer is dead.

Just outside the Yeth Woods was a large camp. After flying over their I quickly learned that the Crimson Hand has a huge amount soldiers and they all really don’t like me, it probably has to do with me killing Vancer. But who really knows why they hate me? Lute, Bombaros, Larkin, and I had to hike around. Then we spent the greater part of this week in a dark swamp called Malevor. The good news is that I can accurately say that it was worse than hell. Load moans, disgusting water, and worst of all skeletal arms that reach out of the water and try to kill you. Shortly after that three, well I’m not sure what they were but they for definitely dead, things, tried to kill us. After that we decided to press on and get out of there.

Just outside of Malevor is Fort Erkon. I’m not quite sure how this next part happened but after they let us in and gave us a place to stay I began noticing that as the day went on people began to admire me. Buy dinner I was the guest of honor. As it turns out nobody survives Malevor. Also the soldiers at this fort have had very little to do. Their commander, Malicar, informed me that it has been this way for a while, it seems that Malevor is not longer the threat to Distaff that it once was. Which means that the men are bored and as luck would have it they were offered a job by the Crimson Hand. After telling Malicar, and all the leaders of the fort my entire story they have agreed to help oppose the Crimson Hand, if it comes to that.

We also learned about another fort near by, Exa, that the Crimson Hand has also extended an offer to. Malicar stated that they even have an adviser from the Crimson Hand there. That is our next destination. Unfortunately now that I have these men all willing to fight for me I have no choice to continue on. I will not let them down. If this comes to war, which it almost certainly will, I’ll lead the charge.

Right after dinner Malicar told me that there is a dark wizard that lives in the center of Malevor. Actually the wizard created Malevor by trying to merge this plane with the plane of darkness. According to Malicar the wizard would be willing to help us destroy the hand, which by the way Bombaros had the whole time.

But even after all this there was one event in this whole week that overshadows all of it. Malicar asked me if we had met before. We haven’t, ever. He says to have met someone who looks exactly like me at Exa. He made it clear that it was not Vancer. That means that there is only one other person that I believe it could be: my son.




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